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Free Games For Your Site

The games showcased below belong to an exclusive club of awesome. They're made by incredibly talented Flash Developers and sponsored by Ironswine, all so you can play them anywhere for free!

Feel free to download any/all of the games on this page and post them to your own website, as long as you don't modify the games in any way and that you obey our Terms of Use.

Splash Damage's Stats & Download

Views: 6541
Short Description: You are at the bottom of the unimaginably large goo disposal chute. Your only hope is to climb.
Dimensions: 480 by 640 pixels
Genre: Arcade

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The Dwarf's Stats & Download

Views: 3471
Short Description: Collect untold riches and kill all the monsters who try to steal your treasure.
Dimensions: 728 by 546 pixels
Genre: Adventure

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Epidemic's Stats & Download

Views: 7817
Short Description: Put your skills to the test and get that highscore!
Dimensions: 600 by 500 pixels
Genre: Arcade

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BattlePaint's Stats & Download

Views: 191845
Short Description: Kill the rogue pixels! Make a mess! Paint is fun!
Dimensions: 640 by 480 pixels
Genre: Shooter

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